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How long do the headphones last on a full charge? 6-8 hours. We’ve tested them thoroughly but depending on your listening volume and connected device, the time can vary.

I’ve never used headphones with the wing tips. How do I put them in?  The wing tip should fit securely under your inner ear. See below photo below.

Why are my headphones very loud? A few things could impact the sound volume. Ensure they are firmly snug in your ear with both ear tips and wing tips. You should also check your sound volume levels on your phone. Details are below under Tips.

What’s this small disk in the bag with the ear tips? That’s your wire manager! Connect it to the wires and slide up or down once your headphones are in your ears. By tightening behind your head, closer to your neck, this will keep the controller from moving around and ensure a more secure fit.

How do I connect the headphones to my phone? With the headphones turned off, hold down the multifunction button (in the middle) for 5 seconds until the blue and red light starts flashing and you hear ‘Power on’. Confirm your phone’s Bluetooth setting is turned on, then select Beamin Lunar8 on your device. You will hear ‘connected’ and the blue light will flash every 10 seconds.

How do I make phones calls while using the headphones? Hold the multifunction button (the middle button) for 2 seconds until your phone’s voice assistant will prompt you for a command. For example, say ‘Call Mom’ and your phone should make the phone call.

How far can I walk away from my phone without the sound cutting out? About 33 feet in open spaces. 

How do I tell when they’re fully charged? Once they are plugged in, the blue light will be solid.

How much battery life do I have left when I get the low battery voice notification? About 8-10 minutes. We’re working on improving this functionality by giving you voice notification of remaining battery life when you power on the headphones.

I need a user guide. Where can I print another one? You can find it here.

How do I reset to factory default settings? To restore to factory settings, press and hold the multifunction button for 3 seconds when the unit is being charged, wait until the red and blue lights have flashed 3 times. Release the button.

Why is my music skipping? Some devices, such as the iPhone 6s, have Bluetooth issues causing music to skip. It is recommended that you upgrade your device to the latest version of operating software.

If you continue to experience skipping, try a hard reset on the headphones. Refer to Page 7 of the user manual for reset instructions.

If you still have issues after completing both troubleshooting steps, please contact us at and we’ll send you a replacement if within the 12 month warranty period.

Do Lunar8’s come in other colors? We’re considering this. Send us an email at support@beaminaudio and tell us what color you would like!

What is #BeBeamin about? BeBeamin is about being the best version of yourself and embracing the journey along the way. We’d love to see photos of your journey on Instagram. Tag us @beaminaudio.

If I use the Lunar8’s during my workouts, will I become a pro athlete? Anything is possible.

Can I use the Lunar8’s on the moon? Yes.


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