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Lunar8 Tips

Fit: For the best fit, you should try swapping out the various sizes of ear tips and wing tips to best suit your ears.

Sound Quality: Use your phone’s native sound equalizer to customize your sound. To customize your listening experience:

iPhone: Settings → Music → EQ (under Playback) → Select EQ Preference

Cleaning: Use a damp cloth with water to wipe down headphones. Do not use harsh chemicals as it may damage the plastic and internal components.

Storage: Keep your headphones in a room temperature environment. Avoid leaving them in the car where temperatures are above 75 degrees. Doing so may decrease the battery capacity.

Using Virtual Assistant: To access your phone’s virtual assistant, such as Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant, hold down the multifunction button for 3 seconds.

A quick way to remember which headphone is Right and Left: Rather than looking for the L or the R on the headphone earbud, it’s easier to remember that the controller is always on your right.  

International Flights: On a recent trip across the pond, we realized that the in-flight entertainment system does not have a way to connect Bluetooth headphones (hopefully one day!). You’ll need to use the wired ones they provide or bring your own if you want to enjoy the movies displayed on the seat backs.


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